Rug cleaning, appraisal and repair

Expert cleaning & rug repair services

Don’t trust your fine rugs to a commercial cleaner! They require expert handling and knowledgeable technicians. Our cleaning process gives the maximum benefit to handmade ‘Oriental’ rugs. Karastan rugs, hand-hooked, needlepoint, machine made, and even flatweave (dhurrie, kilim) rugs will benefit from this process.

Our unique five-step deep cleaning system

We specialize in the repair and cleaning of all rugs. Our unique five-step deep cleaning system involves a combination of hand-work and machine-work. Through the use of natural cleaning products and time-proven techniques, we can brighten the colors and patterns of your rug, while adding years to its life. We are the only facility in the area that is equipped to hand wash and air dry your rug. This process not only cleans, but restores the rug to its former beauty.

We offer free area wide pick-up & delivery of room-sized rugs.

Our repair men are experienced in the restoration of aged or damaged rugs: binding/securing edges, restoring or adding fringe, reweaving, color restoration, moth damage. Their knowledge of technique together with their diligent care for your rug will produce the best results possible.

Rug Appraisal

We are recognized Appraisers of Oriental and Persian rugs. There are many reasons that you might need a professional valuation of your rug(s). We often evaluate rugs for insurance replacement, estates and even other retailers. Whether your appraisal is a personal quest or an insurance inquiry, we will be glad to take the time to help you.

What can you expect from an appraisal?

1. Establish the origin of the rug or carpet.
2. A detailed inspection assessing condition, characteristics and materials used in the construction of the rug.
3. Market research investigating current sales prices of similar rugs.
4. Documentation, a written appraisal report that conveys all the above information.

Do you need an appraisal?

  • Verbal Evaluation- Bring your rug into our store anytime for a free verbal evaluation.
  • Written Appraisal – For a modest fee, we will write up a formal appraisal for your records.
  • Need to have a rug appraised? Simply call us on 704-889-2454 to book an appraisal appointment

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