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3 x 13 Antique Heriz Persian Wool Rug

3 x 13 Antique Heriz Persian Wool Rug


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3 x 13 Antique Heriz Persian Wool Rug

The authentic artistry of the 3 x 13 Antique Heriz Persian Wool Rug will transport you to the 19th century, giving you the impression that time has stood still while you have been there. By resurrecting earlier weaving methods in the traditional Heriz manner, this artwork brings a little bit of history into your home.

Perfect for a Timeless Treasure Created to Outlast Trends

This rug’s wool pile is densely knotted, giving it the appearance of having a long history. On the other hand, it was built to gracefully resist decades’ worth of fashion and wear and tear from foot traffic. You can achieve the look of an antique without the inherent fragility of the real thing.

The Most Recognizable Geometric Patterns Have Been Reimagined Using Vibrant Colors

The traditional medallion motifs and shapes produce a rhythmic geometry in rich, saturated tones, resulting in a vibrance that is eye-catching and captivating. The incorporation of Turkish knots that are not symmetrical results in the creation of stunning three-dimensional elements.

This high-quality Heriz wool rug boasts a timeless pattern that will invigorate the look of any room. Its vivid patterns and hues lend a sense of ancient handcrafted artistry to living rooms, enhanced by their presence.

Where Would Be the Most Appropriate Location to Showcase This Breathtaking Antique Heriz Rug?

  • A Warm and Inviting Bedroom Getaway
  • A Vibrant Congregational Space Within the Dining Room
  • A Cozy Focal Point for the Living Room
  • A Center of Attention That Will Motivate You in Your Home Office

The Handmade Allure of Heriz Rugs Keeps Developing Over Time

Hand-woven Heriz carpets have taken on their owner’s character over several years. The plush wool pile and deep, dark colors of these carpets exude an air of sophistication that can only be elevated further. This is an investment in the time-honored beauty that comes from handcrafted craftsmanship.

SKU: 7357DECRG27

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