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3 x 8 Nain India Wool Rug

3 x 8 Nain India Wool Rug

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3 x 8 Nain India Wool Rug

The 3 x 8 Nain India Wool Rug brings a touch of traditional elegance into a contemporary setting. The intricate motifs synonymous with high-quality Nain carpets for many years have been updated thanks to the skilled handiwork of a select group of weavers.

Unbelievably Gentle and Long-Lasting 100% Wool Pile

This rug was painstakingly hand-woven from 100% pure wool. Although it will be walked on for years to come, it will never lose its luxurious feel or stunning appearance. The expert weaving process ensures the heirloom’s longevity and the piece’s investment value.

Where Can You Place a Nain India Rug?

A 3 x 8  rug is versatile and can be utilized in a variety of settings, such as the following:

  • Hallways: If you want to add color and texture to a tiny corridor, a runner rug that is three feet wide and seven feet long is a great choice.
  • Entryways: Putting a rug with dimensions of three feet by seven feet in an entryway will help protect the floor from dirt and debris while lending an air of friendliness to the area.
  • Bedrooms: Adding a touch of coziness to the space by positioning runners on either side of the bed can do so while also serving to preserve the floor.

Motifs from the Past

The allover lattice and vine pattern are reminiscent of historic Nain carpets; nevertheless, the refined color choice of dove grey, ivory, and soft teal gives the rug a modern air. Pineville Rug Gallery recommends using this rug in sophisticated rooms to achieve a timeless grace note.

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