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3 x 17 Vintage Lilian Persian Wool Rug

3 x 17 Vintage Lilian Persian Wool Rug


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1 in stock

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3 x 17 Vintage Lilian Persian Wool Rug

Immerse yourself in turn-of-the-century splendor with the breathtaking 3 x 17 Vintage Lilian Persian Wool Rug, available exclusively from the antique experts at Pineville Rug Gallery. This rare treasure from the late 19th century exemplifies the unwavering quality and master technique that defined the Persian Empire’s iconic floral carpets.

Meticulously Hand-Knotted Wool Built to Last Generations

Meticulously hand-knotted likely in the weaving hub of Tabriz, the excellent quality wool with indulgent pile promises to maintain its radiance and delight underfoot for generations to come. Though dating back over a hundred years, this antique rug has been lovingly cared for decade after decade. The alluring luster and graceful wool drape pay homage to the old-world artistry and craftsmanship that crafted this Lilian-style heirloom.

Floral Splendor That Evokes an Ancient Era

The rug’s overall design vividly brings to life a flourishing garden, with delicate vines swirling and connecting grand palmettes, open lotuses, and multi-petaled roses. The masterful use of color juxtaposing warm ivory and terracotta with excellent sage and navy creates depth and dynamism within the floral motifs. Four woven medallions anchor down the corners, surrounded by intricate motifs echoing the central patterns on a smaller scale. The traditional arrangement exudes vintage pedigree for today’s interiors.

Destined to Be the Crown Jewel of Stylish Spaces

Pineville Rug Gallery suggests placing this rare Lilian rug in living spaces and dining rooms, seeking old-soul refinement. The elongated narrow proportions work beautifully as the focal point in genteel traditional interiors. Grand yet understated traditional patterns ensure it complements various color palettes and furniture styles. However you display this turn-of-the-century treasure, it promises to infuse spaces with enduring Persian elegance. Let the masterful colors and hand-tied wool transport you back to an era of craftsmanship and ornamental beauty.

SKU: 7348DECRG24

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