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3 x 18 Antique Heriz Persian Wool Rug

3 x 18 Antique Heriz Persian Wool Rug


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1 in stock

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3 x 18 Antique Heriz Persian Wool Rug

The genuine artistry of the 3 x 18 Antique Heriz Persian Wool Rug will transport you to the 19th century, where it will appear that no time has gone at all since that era. This piece of artwork brings a little bit of history into your home because it was woven in the traditional Heriz style, which was revived from long-forgotten weaving techniques.

Appropriate for an Everlasting Relic Designed to Withstand the Passage of Time

This rug has the appearance of antiquity thanks to the intricate knotting of the wool pile. On the other hand, it was built to gracefully weather decades of shifts in fashion and foot traffic. It is feasible to create the impression of antiquity on something without coping with the inherent fragility of genuine antiques.

Iconic Geometric Patterns are Rethought and Reimagined with Vivid Coloration

The striking and enticing geometric rhythm is formed by the conventional medallion motifs and shapes rendered in very intense color saturation. Eye-catching, three-dimensional designs are made possible through the use of asymmetrical Turkish knots.

This excellent Heriz wool rug boasts a timeless pattern that may transform the appearance of any room in your home. The presence of it in a space, with its vivid patterns and colors, conjures up images of old-fashioned handiwork and craftsmanship.

Where in Your Home Would Be the Best Place to Display This Breathtaking Antique Heriz Rug?

  • A calming focal point in the living room
  • a refreshing focal point in your home office
  • A cozy sanctuary in the bedroom

The Heriz Rugs Have a Classic Look About Them

A hand-woven Heriz carpet will eventually take on the characteristics of the person who owns it after several years. The opulent wool pile and luxuriously dark colors of these carpets give off an air of sophistication that can only be enhanced further. This purchase demonstrates a long-term commitment to preserving the time-honored beauty of the craft.

SKU: 7355DECRG26

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