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3 x 8 Oushak Afghan Wool Rug

3 x 8 Oushak Afghan Wool Rug


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1 in stock

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3 x 8 Oushak Afghan Wool Rug

Enter a world where classic beauty and modern design coexist together. In this hand-knotted 3 x 8 Oushak Afghan Wool Rug, the gorgeous patterns and subtle color palette of Turkish weaves are nicely mixed with the versatility that suits modern homes. Its organic designs are attractive and will not offend modern eyes. The timeless design of this rug is based on the past, but its current color palette makes it a fantastic choice for rooms of different kinds.

The Oushak Afghan Rug is Built to Last a Lifetime

Our Oushak Afghan Rug was hand-knotted with high-grade wool to ensure its quality and durability for many years. Wool of high grade is resistant to shedding and wear and tear. Its dense pile provides a delightful walk on the floor. As time passes and the wool softens, this hand-knotted treasure becomes even more beautiful, making it suitable for use as an additional layer on top of carpets or hardwood floors.

Excellent Choice for Large Rooms

Our Oushak Rug provides terrific warmth and softness. Its luscious half-inch thick pile is ideal for cushioning throughout the home. The neutral colors make it simple to combine with other design components. This rug serves two functions: it makes any area seem like a haven while also boosting the decor.

Makes a Long-lasting Impression on Interior Design

Allow yourself to be swept away by the timeless beauty of our hand-knotted Oushak Wool rug. It is inspired by well-known woven works, with muted colors and organic motifs that lend an air of timelessness.

Which Rooms Are the Best Choice for Oushak Afghan Rug?

While our skilled team gave some suggestions, you are free to use this rug however you see fit:

  • This rug in a living room might define the seating area in front of a couch or anchor under a coffee table.
  • In a dining room, this rug can be placed beneath the dining table and chairs to define the dining area.
  • To warm up the floor in a bedroom, place this rug on both sides of the bed.
  • This rug can be used under a desk in a home office or study to make the workspace more pleasant.
  • This play rug can designate the play area on the floor in a nursery or children’s room.
  • This outdoor rug can indicate a patio or deck’s sitting/relaxation zone.


Invest in the beauty of our hand-knotted rug, composed of silky wool and created with great care. Because of their modest color palettes, organic designs, luxurious piles, and sturdy construction, Oushak rugs are investments that will last for decades. Our Oushak rug will add elegance and longevity to any room.



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