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4 x 6 Oushak Turkish Wool Oriental Rug

4 x 6 Oushak Turkish Wool Oriental Rug

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This hand-4 x 6 Oushak Turkish Wool Oriental Area Rug exemplifies the skill of traditional Turkish weavers while also being suitable for use in more modern settings. Expertly woven from the finest Anatolian wool, the muted color scheme and organic patterns are reminiscent of 19th-century textiles yet have a modern vibe all their own. It can be displayed as wall art or laid flat on the floor to give contemporary spaces a touch of nostalgic charm. This rug is stunning from any perspective, with designs on both sides. The exact size of this rug is 4 x 5.6.

1 in stock



4 x 6 Oushak Turkish Wool Oriental Area Rug

This carefully hand-knotted 4 x 6 Oushak Turkish Wool Oriental Rug is a must-have, mixing 19th-century-inspired organic patterns and muted colors into a modern piece of art. Its adaptable vintage vibe works as well as artwork on a wall or as a quick splash of exotic softness on a floor. This meticulously carved Turkish diamond was designed to last generations.

Neutral Vintage Charm

This Oushak Turkish rug adds an appealing antique elegance to any space with its muted color palette and elaborate yet neutral patterns. The soft half-inch pile feels exquisite underfoot in living rooms, bedrooms, workplaces, and other areas. This traditional Turkish hand-weaving has been designed to fit seamlessly into bright and dark decors for years.

Quality Heirloom Craftsmanship

This double-woven Oushak rug is meticulously hand-knotted from velvety Turkish wool and designed to become a family legacy passed down through generations. Its high-quality fibers and robust construction withstand years of wear and tear without shedding or wearing thin. Give your flooring a subtle vintage luxury that will last a lifetime.

Where Can You Use an Oushak Turkish Rug?

Remember that these are just some ideas from our expert staff and that you can put this rug anywhere.

  • Living Room- Under Sofas and Chairs
  • Bedroom- Low Wooden Tables, etc.
  • Home Office-Under Study Desk and Other Furniture
  • Low Walls

A Turkish Twist on Timeless Style

This hand-woven Oushak rug, inspired by 19th-century Anatolian weaving techniques but seeming contemporary, puts a Turkish spin on classic beauty. Its subdued color palette and organic patterns evoke the mellow beauty of old-world weaving techniques that only get better with age. Create a meaningful statement in your home by incorporating this exotic touch of heritage. Remember that each rug at Pineville Rug Gallery is absolutely unique. They’re gone forever once they’re sold! Now is the time to upgrade your living space.


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