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9 x 12 New Kashan Persian Wool Silk Rug

9 x 12 New Kashan Persian Wool Silk Rug


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1 in stock

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9 x 12 New Kashan Persian Wool Silk Rug

Home decor treasures include the 9 x 12 New Kashan Persian Wool Silk Rug. The rug shows Persian art’s eternal beauty. Luxurious wool improves every environment. Pineville Rug Gallery provides unique rugs like this. Our discerning customers enjoy our handcrafted limited editions. The Kashan Persian Wool Rug is elegant and well-made.

Design and Structure

Design and structure matter. Explore a beautiful, helpful universe. Make something creative with our professionally designed.

The best weavers made New Kashan. This luxurious wool rug is handcrafted. Beautiful flower medallion. Any room looks great with this carpet. Attention to detail and quality craftsmanship identify this luxury item. Its high quality makes it beautiful and versatile.

Where Can I Use a Kashan Wool Silk Rug?

This 9′ x 12′ rug suits your living room. This rug is elegantly designed. This stunning sculpture will fascinate you in your bedroom, foyer, or pleasant sitting area. This rug transforms tiny spaces into retreats. Unique, timeless color scheme. Gold, crimson, and blue are lovely. It suits modern and historical environments. Classy charm will charm.

Discover Resilience and Investment

This gorgeous Kashan Wool Rug enhances any room. Experience its ageless beauty and incomparable splendor in your beloved house. Wool is stain-resistant and colorfast. Enjoy the finest quality and authenticity of this Persian masterpiece rug. Classic investments create elegance.

Only Pineville Rug Gallery delivers the Kashan Rug’s unsurpassed beauty. This masterwork wows any room. Kashan Rugs have stunning designs and craftsmanship. This lovely piece complements your decor. Pineville Rug Gallery is elegant. Ultimate beauty and adaptability for your grand entrance or comfortable living room. Beautiful painting and flexible size make this masterpiece unique. Have a traditional rug and enjoy. This piece’s longevity and resale value show your good taste and commitment to value. A rug can update your room and save money. Pineville Rug Gallery’s work is excellent. Custom Kashan Persian Wool Rug. Enjoy this exquisite, handcrafted artwork for our esteemed clients.


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