Living Room Rug Placement

February 13, 2021

Living Room Rug Placement

Congratulations! If you’re searching for a guide on living room rug placement, it means that you’ve found the perfect rug for your space! Now it’s time to learn about “rug rules” and when it’s safe to break those rules.  

The Size of Your Rug

Placement of a living room rug will depend on the size of your rug vs. the size of your living room. As a general rule of thumb, orient the rug to the size of the room. For example, if you have a large, rectangle shaped living room and a large rug that covers most of your floor, aim to place the rug in the center of the room with the shorter edges aligning with the shorter walls. If you have a long and narrow living room with a hallway, place the rug length -wise so that it follows the length of the room. 

If you opted for a smaller rug that will only take up a corner portion or seating area in your living room, consider the layout of your furniture in proportion to the rug. For example, the image below demonstrates the placement of furniture around a rug that isn’t large enough to cover an entire room. Instead of hiding the rug under furniture, it’s a focal point and adds warmth and texture. Placing only the coffee table on a living room rug is a popular choice among interior designers. 

Living Room Rug Placement Luxury Rugs

Define the Space

When determining the placement of a rug in a section of a large living room, keep in mind that the rug will create a zone. Do you want a conversation zone? A formal seating zone? A reading zone? An area rug instantly defines a zone in a room. For example, setting up the furniture on top of a rug can accentuate a backyard or patio view. The layout in the photo below not only encourages guests to gather in one place for conversation, but the placement of the rug and furniture showcases the wall of windows and the beautiful full-length patio. 


Proportion & Color

Perhaps you have an idea about the placement of your living room rug, but you’re concerned about proportions. Area rugs can be as small as 4’ x 6’ up to 11’ x 14’. The most popular sizes for living room rugs are 8’x10’ and 9’x12’. If you’re concerned about overwhelming the room with a rug that’s too large, consider the color in addition to the size. If you prefer a large rug, choose a color that can serve as a backdrop to your furniture and decor. If you’re opting for a smaller rug, consider a bolder color selection. 

When considering the size of the run in proportion to your living space, plan the size with the furniture, not the room size. Will the furniture fit better around the rug, or on top of it? If it will fit around the rug, what style and colors will complement your living room without overpowering it?

Next, consider the flooring that’s going to show around the rug. If you choose a neutral color that blends in with the hard surface flooring, will the beauty of the rug be hidden or stand out? It’s OK if it blends in as long as you’re going for a calming, relaxing effect. 

Do you want a vibrant, lively conversation and gathering area? Go for more contrast between the rug and the hard surface flooring to bring energy to the room.  

Living Room Rug Placement for Luxury Rugs

Living Room Area Rug Rules

When it comes to the placement of living room area rugs,  there are a few universal design rules to keep in mind:

  • Don’t place an area rug in a room without any furniture touching it. It’s OK if only the front legs of chairs or a couch are on the rug, or only a coffee table is placed on the rug, but area rugs look strange without any furniture touching it.
  • Don’t center the rug if it’s much smaller than the room. It’s common to buy a rug that’s too small for your living area, but that doesn’t mean you need to draw attention to the size. Create a conversation zone with select pieces of furniture that complement the rug.
  • Don’t buy a rug that is the same exact color as your furniture and walls. While color coordination is important, when it comes to a luxury area rug, you don’t want it to blend so perfectly that people miss it. Luxury area rugs are meant to add warmth and style; don’t drown it out with perfectly matched colors.

Ready to choose the perfect rug for your living room? Shop for your perfect area rug by color, style, pattern, or design online. When you’re ready to pick one, you can buy it online or visit our showroom to see it in person. 

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