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3 x 15 Antique Heriz Wool Rug

3 x 15 Antique Heriz Wool Rug


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1 in stock

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3 x 15 Antique Heriz Wool Rug

The 3 x 15 Antique Heriz Wool Rug is an actual work of art that will transport you to the 19th century. This piece of art breathes new life into an ancient craft, bringing a part of traditional Heriz weaving back into your home.

Appropriate for an Immortal Artifact Designed to Last a Lifetime

The dense knotting of the wool pile gives this rug the impression of antiquity. However, it was skillfully built to weather decades of fashion and traffic shifts gracefully. Creating the look of antiquity without dealing with the fragility of genuine antiques is achievable.

Iconic Geometric Patterns are Reimagined with Vivid Colors

The traditional medallion motifs and shapes rendered in vivid, highly saturated colors create an arresting geometric rhythm. Turkish knots, which are not symmetrical, can create interesting three-dimensional patterns.

This excellent Heriz wool rug has a timeless pattern that can update any decor. Its presence, with its vibrant designs and hues, conjures images of vintage handiwork.

Where Can We Place This Magnificent Antique Heriz Rug?

A quiet sanctuary in the bedroom, a social hub in the kitchen, a soothing focal point in the living room, a motivational showpiece in the study

The Classical Beauty of Heriz Rugs

A hand-woven Heriz rug will gradually take on the owner’s character over the course of several years. These rug’s plush wool pile and deep, dark tones immediately convey an air of refined elegance. The purchase demonstrates your dedication to the timeless beauty of craftsmanship for the foreseeable future.

SKU: 7358DECRG28



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