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9 x 12 Agra Indian Wool Rug

9 x 12 Agra Indian Wool Rug


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9 x 12 Agra Indian Wool Rug

The 9 x 12 Agra Indian Wool Rug, found only at Pineville Rug Gallery, will transport you to unparalleled elegance and classic beauty. This stunning work of art was created by skilled artisans in Agra, India, and demonstrates their mastery of art and craftsmanship. This rug is a rare find for those in the market for opulence due to its elaborate pattern, high-quality wool manufacturing, and low supply. In this comprehensive study, we’ll closely examine the Agra India Rug’s most impressive qualities and offer recommendations for where you may most appreciate them.

Artistic Design

The classical motifs of the Agra India Wool Rug are expertly blended with a modern aesthetic to create a stunning design. The rug’s surface is covered in complex flower designs, borders, and details that capture the aura of timeless elegance. The talent and perseverance of the artists who stitched this masterpiece by hand from the highest quality wool are evident in every detail. The rug’s velvety and supple surface is a sensory treat.

Adaptability and Suggested Rooms

The Agra Rug is a versatile piece that can instantly elevate any space’s look. Here are some great examples of rooms where the rug’s beauty can shine:

Make your living area a place of refined beauty and comfort. The rug’s elaborate pattern and opulent hues will serve as the room’s main point and add a sense of refined elegance. Pair it with exquisite furniture and ornamental items to create a coherent and inviting setting.

The Agra India Wool Rug in the dining room is a simple way to upgrade the look and feel of your table and chairs. Its beautiful style and grandeur will lend a sense of royalty to your dinners, setting the mood for special occasions. The rug’s high resilience guarantees it will last through heavy foot traffic without losing its pristine appearance.

Place the Agra India Wool Rug in your main bedroom to add a touch of richness to your haven. The luxurious fabrics and complex designs will make you feel calm and at peace. Begin and end your day in a stylish and restful environment.

Uniquely Made

The Agra India Rug, a hand-made rug available only at Pineville Rug Gallery, gives affluent buyers the chance to take pride of place in their homes with a work of art of the highest caliber. Because of its rarity, you can boast that you have a rug that only the most discerning decorators would appreciate.


Pineville Rug Gallery’s Agra India Wool Rug, measuring 9 x 12, is a work of art that exemplifies sophistication and style. Its exquisite pattern, fine wool construction, and scarcity make it desirable for those looking to add enduring style to their homes. This rug is perfect for creating an atmosphere of refined elegance in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. The Agra Wool Rug is an exquisite example of skilled craftsmanship; admiring it is a pleasure.


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