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9 x 12 Joshegan Indian Wool Rug

9 x 12 Joshegan Indian Wool Rug


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1 in stock

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9 x 12 Joshegan Indian Wool Rug

Transport your home into a breathtaking work of art with the meticulously hand-knotted 9 x 12 Joshegan Indian Wool Rug, available exclusively at Pineville Rug Gallery. Each knot in this masterpiece took skill and patience to tie, resulting in a flawless composition meant to be passed down for generations.

Luxuriously Soft Wool Pile Handspun and Dyed Using Ancient Techniques

The sumptuous feel underfoot comes from 100% handspun wool, made from the finest sheep wool sustainably sourced from the remote Kashmir region. Following tradition, natural dyes derived from herbs, flowers, and minerals create the fascinating palette of navy, ivory, terracotta, and mossy green. The colors shine with the subtle vibrancy only natural dyes can achieve.

Intricate Floral Motifs with Vintage Elegance

Lush hydrangea, peonies, roses, and vines bloom across the regal indigo field in an allover tile pattern. The intricate motifs reflect influences from Persian carpets with four ivory spandrels anchoring the corners. A timeworn elegance and romanticism exude from every gracefully rendered flower.

Where Can I Put a Joshegan Indian Rug?

A 9 x 12 Joshegan rug can be used in various rooms and spaces, such as:

  • Living rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Home offices
  • Family rooms
  • Large foyers
  • Open-concept spaces

The benefits of using a 9 * 12 rug include:

  • Creating a focal point in a room
  • Defining a seating or dining area
  • Adding warmth and comfort to a space
  • Absorbing sound and reducing echo
  • Protecting the floor from scratches and wear
  • Enhancing the overall aesthetic of a room

Destined to Be the Showstopping Centerpiece

With master-level hand knotting, natural wool, and classical design, the Joshegan rug commands attention. Pineville Rug Gallery suggests using it as a living room focal point to instill sophistication. The floral style also exudes vintage charm, perfect for traditional dining rooms. Or make it the breathtaking highlight of a bedroom retreat. However you choose to display this work of wool artistry, it promises to be the pride of your space for decades on end.




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